; since 1968...
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40 bar hava kompresörü
in Turkey!
Power Demonstration in Technology
40 bar oil-free air compressor
for the PET bottle industry
Show of Power From the Dirinler Family
Lupamat continues to grow domestically and abroad with the global experience of Dirinler Group, Turkey’s established institution in the machinery production sector.
We Defy The Years
Lupamat Compressors working without fault for 50 years
The Secret To Excellence in Production Is Hidden In The Details
Lupamat has reached perfect production with years of accumulated knowledge, quality human resources, continual business development activities of all departments and market experience.
The Name Of Compressor
Since 1968
Lupamat is sufficient
for all sectors where compressed air is required.
Shows superior performance. 
Quality and reliable.
Inverter Screw
Air Compressors
Reduce your energy costs with our
new generation products which are equipped
with inverter and frequency controlled radial fan

Lupamat, is the strongest compressor brand in Turkey with the ability to produce the type and capacity for all sectors.

Our journey which began in 1968, is continuing surely with our young, expert and experienced team. As a family whose past and future is dedicated to industry, developing our technology and sustainability is one of our greatest aims.

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