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Reciprocating Compressor

    • Model
    • Motorkw - hp
    • Suction Pressurebar(g)
    • Max. Output Pressurebar(g)
    • Stroke Volumem³/min
    • Air Outputinch
    • Lengthmm
    • Widthmm
    • Heightmm
    • Weightkg
*FAD: Free air delivery
*FAD performance ISO 1217, Rev. 3, measured according to Annex C-1996.
*Lupamat, according to technological developments reserves the right to make changes without notice in the data contained in this table.

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  • Has been designed as single stage, 7.5/10/13 bar suction pressure and 40 bar output pressure.
  • Is driven by V-belt-pulley.
  • With the V-belt tensioning system, the V-belt tension can be adjusted with ease.
  • F insulation, IP55 protected, IE2 efficiency, asynchronous motor drives the compressor.
  • The compressor is provided with star-delta control panel.
  • Compressor head and cylinders and crankshaft head are cast from EN GJS 602 nodular cast iron material.
  • Splash lubrication is carried out using a rod integrated into the design of the crankshaft.
  • The air flow to the collector from the cylinder stages is provided with hydraulic hose, and the flow of command air has been provided with pneumatic teflon hose.
  • Is air cooled: Cooling is provided through intercooler and aftercooler and the air flow created by the flyweel rotor.
  • There is a mini ball valve integrated into the block to provide for easy emptying of compressor oil. A detachable blind plug has been fitted to the output of this valve against the risk of oil emptying.
  • With the monitoring glass integrated into the compressor head, the status of the oil can easily be monitored.
  • The operating control of the compressor is provided with a micro processor control unit.
  • The monitoring of the pressure is provided with a pressure transmitter through the micro processor control unit.
  • With a safety valve adjusted to +1 value of the compressor operation pressure, the system is protected against overpressure situations.
  • The cabinet has been designed according to the optimal usage conditions: The cabinet has been designed according to the optimal operating conditions: Vibration has been minimized using rubber grommets and sealing elements in various locations. Noise has been minimized with the covering of the inner surfaces of the cabinet with inflammable sound insulation. 
  • With the Pneumatic actuator valves (together with air conditioner) placed on the input and output of the compressor air flow system, the control of the air flow is provided through the micro processor control unit.
  • The temperature of the compressor air output is provided with the micro processor control unit.
  • The idle start of the compressor is provided with the 2/2Y discharge solenoid valve and the micro processor control unit.
  • Microprocessor Control Unit : Compressor panel and unit on single panel, 2x16 graphic LCD display, modbus RTU communication protocol / equal aging and remote monitoring with TTL data bus 
  • Monitoring of compressor operation state on compressor screen (Stopped, stopping, starting, motor start, idling, working at load., auto waiting, awaiting confirmation)
  • Monitoring of remaining service maintenance durations (carry out general maintenance, change motor bearing, belt, change valve, change oil, valve maintenance)
  • Recording of the last 15 error information provided by the compressor
  • Language selection option (Turkish, English)
  • Selection of unit (bar, Psi / ºC , ºF )
  • Warning messages defined to ensure the required maintenance and control of the compressor (not stopping the compressor) (high temperature, high pressure, power cut)
  • Critical faults defined to stop for the safety of the compressor: Emergency Stop, Main Motor Thermal, Separator Blocked, Phase Sequence, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Over-Temperature, Over Pressure, Low Temperature, Short-circuit fault, Fan Motor Thermal
  • Changeable user parameters defined for users and ability to password protect this parameters menu