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Adsorbtion Air Dryers


Chemical air dryers


Various amounts of moisture are available in atmospheric air absorbed by the air compressor.

When this moisture is brought with air to a certain pressure and temperature value through compressor, moisture condenses with the effect of pressure and cooling. Liquid water still occurs in any changes in temperature and pressure.

This liquid water leads to failures in pneumatic systems, corrosion in assembly, diameter losses and also a series of interconnected problems triggering each other. These damages causing operational, time and money loss are prevented by the evacuation of liquid water occurring by passing compressed air (dew temperature at -40°c/-70˚c) over the chemical ingredients (activated alumina etc.).

Clean and dry pressurized air shall reduce the operating costs of your air facility and lead to efficient operation.

Correction factors should be considered for the election of dryers.


Series without heater:

15-18% of compressed air in chemical dryers is consumed during regeneration of the system.

Line filters should be used prior to air intake in the chemical dryer. Rough filter should be used in the air output of dryer to prevent decomposed chemical materials from entering the system.


Series with heater:

Compressed air loss is experienced in chemical dryers as regeneration of the system is made with the hot air passing over resistance by blowing with blower.