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Compac Series
Refrigerant Dryers


Compact Series 


  • Small size, full equipment
  • Excellent Results In Air- Water Seperation
  • Zero Air Loss As Optional
  • No Need For Seasonal Adjustment With A Micro Chip Controlled Smart Electronic Card With
  • Easy And Simple By-Pass Assembly With Input-Output Filters
  • Superiority For Disassembly And Assembly Of Heat Exchanger
  • Environment Friendly
  • High Efficiency Heat Transfer
  • Fully Compatible With European Design Standarts
  • Input-Output Filters Are Assembled On Dryer And Included In The Price For The Models Up To Compac 8500
  • Input-output filters are included in the price for the models up to compac 45000 and not assembled on dryer.
  • Input-output air line filters are not included in the price for compac 50000 and next models
  • Automatic discharge and pollution indicator are not available in filters provided as standard.