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Heat Recovery
Optional Equipment

With increasing energy demands worldwide and diminishing energy resources, the production sector is in a constant search for energy saving measures. 
Such energy saving can be possible efficiently in the compression process in the production of compressed air. 
The electrical energy expended in air production in the compressor, is recovered by 60% with the use of the energy obtained from the hot water from the compressor oil cooling exchanger in various applications in businesses. 
Lupamat Makina Sanayii, in their LKV-Mi series compressors, upon the request and order of customers, the hot water from the cooling of the oil process with the cooling exchanger connection integrated into the system within the compressor cabin, can be used in industrial usage, part washing belt, process heating, kitchens of large businesses, chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, central heating connection to heat sections of the business such as warehouse or offices and many other purposes in the industry.
The water line connection after the exchanger output on the water cooled compressor varies according to the intended use of the business. While this system may be closed circuit, it may also be open circuit. This choice is determined by the customer and the connections can be made easily by the customer.
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