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LYPS 200

High Pressure Compressor Oil Free Compressor

LYPS-Type Oil Free Piston Air Compressors (3 bar)

Oil free, high pressure, high-output, multi-stage, sliding bearing water cooled, V-type piston air compressor.


  • Lupamat has realized a first in our country as a result of long R&D activities; we are proud to have carried out the first production of an oil free, high pressure, high output, multi-stage, water cooled piston air compressor made 80% from local materials, compliant with EU regulations and standards, generally used in the production of plastic bottles.
  • This design is not only produced for plastic bottle production, but is also produced suited to all other sectors working with oil free and continuous pressurized air.
  • For example, in accordance with the compressed air needs of a business in production, lower bar, higher or lower output designs can be carried out according to customer demands.
    • Product
    • Max. Operating Pressurebar (g)
    • Capacity, FAD*m³/h
    • Number of Stages
    • Motorkw - hp
*FAD: Free air delivery
*FAD performance ISO 1217, Rev. 3, measured according to Annex C-1996.
*Lupamat, according to technological developments reserves the right to make changes without notice in the data contained in this table.