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MKP Series
Refrigerant Dryers


MKP Series


  • Small size, full equipment
  • Excellent results in air- water seperation
  • Zero air loss as optional
  • Dew point at +3 c˚
  • Very low pressure loss
  • Environment friendly
  • High efficiency heat transfer
  • Fully compatible with European design standarts
  • Input-output filters hidden in the cabin
  • Input-output filters are assembled in dryer and included in the price for the models up to and including MKP 2220
  • Input-output line filters are not included in the price up to and bigger than MKP 2664. assembly must be done out of dryer
  • Filter obstruction indicator is available on dryer for all MKP models (up to MKP-18 MKP 2220).
  • Filters are automatically discharged for all MKP models (up to MKP-18 MKP 2220).
  • All MKP series are designed according to max 50˚c ambient temperature and max 60˚c air inlet temperature conditions