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Multi-Operation System
Optional Equipment

In LKV-Mi oil or oil free screw air compressors, it is possible to control 7 compressors with a single microprocessor depending on the compressed air needs of the facility. Energy savings or equal aging can be carried out. For example, considering a total of three screw air compressors of 22, 45 and 75 kW 10 bar different air efficiency compressors at a facility can be used alternately according to the parameters to be entered into the micro processor according to the compressed air needs of the facility. With another example; while the daily air needs of the facility are provided mostly with the 45kW compressor, when more compressed air is required, in accordance with the program the 45 kW compressor can switch to idle with the 75kW compressor entering into operation, preventing stoppage in production. The same applies when the pressure produced by the 75 kW compressor is excessive, the 75 kW enters into standby position, and according to the compressed air needs, the 22kW enters into operation. With the compressor entering into operation alternately according to the compressed air needs of the facility, just as production stoppages are presented, effective energy savings are also made.