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Optional Equipment

Heat Recovery

With increasing energy demands worldwide and diminishing energy resources, the production sector is in a constant search for energy saving measures. 
Such energy saving can be possible efficiently in the compression process in the production of compressed air. 
The electrical energy expended in air production in the compressor, is recovered by 60% with the use of the energy obtained from the hot water from the compressor oil cooling exchanger in various applications in businesses. 
Lupamat Makina Sanayii, in their LKV-Mi series compressors, upon the request and order of customers, the hot water from the cooling of the oil process with the cooling exchanger connection integrated into the system within the compressor cabin, can be used in industrial usage, part washing belt, process heating, kitchens of large businesses, chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, central heating connection to heat sections of the business such as warehouse or offices and many other purposes in the industry.
The water line connection after the exchanger output on the water cooled compressor varies according to the intended use of the business. While this system may be closed circuit, it may also be open circuit. This choice is determined by the customer and the connections can be made easily by the customer.
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Multi-Operation System

In LKV-Mi oil or oil free screw air compressors, it is possible to control 7 compressors with a single microprocessor depending on the compressed air needs of the facility. Energy savings or equal aging can be carried out. For example, considering a total of three screw air compressors of 22, 45 and 75 kW 10 bar different air efficiency compressors at a facility can be used alternately according to the parameters to be entered into the micro processor according to the compressed air needs of the facility. With another example; while the daily air needs of the facility are provided mostly with the 45kW compressor, when more compressed air is required, in accordance with the program the 45 kW compressor can switch to idle with the 75kW compressor entering into operation, preventing stoppage in production. The same applies when the pressure produced by the 75 kW compressor is excessive, the 75 kW enters into standby position, and according to the compressed air needs, the 22kW enters into operation. With the compressor entering into operation alternately according to the compressed air needs of the facility, just as production stoppages are presented, effective energy savings are also made.

Oil Heater

In our LKV-mi type Screw air compressors, according to customer demand and order, a thermostatic controlled oil heating resistance keeping the oil in the separator tank at +40 ºC is placed to prevent the compressor oil from freezing in extremely cold weather and to prevent damage to the screw block at start up and at the same time to ensure the compressor reaches load quickly. Another advantage of the oil heater is while preventing condensation which can occur in the system in the winter months, it will also protect against corrosion which can occur in the compressor.


Proportional Control Valve

The suction control valve open/close valve operates in either fully open or fully closed position on compressor working at load / idling. The proportional control valve and open/close valve work not only at completely open or completely closed, but operates at different positions depending on the amount of air used. This allows the compressor to work more regularly. In proportional control valve operation, the compressor produces as must air as is consumed, and thus 10% energy savings are made.
At times where the air consumption is very low or none, the compressor works at idle or automatic waiting mode just as in the load/idle working order.


Remote Control

With technological developments today, the capabilities of compressors are increasing. With this optional facility, information such as the pressure, temperature, operating hour, fault, warning and maintenance times of the compressors can be monitored in real time.
By monitoring this information, preventing failures that may occur and the provision of better service will be ensured. Lupamat compressor users can have this optional service with the addition of hardware over internet or sim card. This system can also be integrated into previously purchased compressors.

Water Cooling

It is possible for all LKV type compressors to be made as water cooled. In compressors with this optional feature, using air/water and oil/water exchangers the cooling of air and oil is provided. In this system applied by using body / tube type or plate type heat exchangers, the compressors can be far more quiet as there are no fans. Moreover, as the temperature changes of water are lower in comparison with air, water cooled compressors can work more efficiently even in hot, tropical countries. Cooling tower or chiller is used to cool the water. Actuated valves and flow switches are used for the control of water flow in the compressor water circuit. With the integration to the air/water and air/oil production processes, it can become a heat exchanger.

Water Separator

Liquid water droplets occurring in the compressed air pipes with the changes in pressure and temperature move in the compressed air line.
If no measures are taken, these droplets can lead to serious problems such as corrosion in the pneumatic systems, air leaks valve seizures etc. In order to prevent such problems, the compressed air-liquid water must be separated using a water separator.

Automatic Discharge

Starting from the aftercooler of the air compressor, the condensed water in the water separator, air tank, compressed air dryer, line filters, collectors and pipe end points must be removed from the compressed air system with automatic releases. Automatic releases can be applied with ballcocks, time controlled and electronic level control. In the selection of automatic releases, care must be taken for air leaks to be a minimum during release.

Soft Starter

In the direct start or star-delta start of electrical motors used in all reciprocating, screw compressors and other machines uses 6-7 times overload current. The electrical grid can be affected by this sudden load and this can lead to sudden voltage drops. In order to prevent these changes, a soft starter is used providing a soft start to the electrical motor and at the same time eliminating star-delta connections. With this optional feature, the lifespan of the electric motors is increased and the sudden changes in the network are prevented.