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Gasoline Engine
Reciprocating Compressor

    • Model
    • Max. Operating Pressurebar (g)
    • Capacity, FAD*l/min
    • Piston displacementl/min
    • Motorhp
    • Lengthmm
    • Widthmm
    • Heightmm
    • Air Output
    • Weightkg
*FAD: Free air delivery
*FAD performance ISO 1217, Rev. 3, measured according to Annex C-1996.
*Lupamat, according to technological developments reserves the right to make changes without notice in the data contained in this table.

For custom production, please contact us.

  • Petron engined piston compressors are used in roadside assistance vehicles as portable compressors in service vehicles.  
  • For two stage 62/442 and 62 553 types have been designed for 8 bar or 15 bar operating pressure.
  • They are V-belt driven with centrifugal coupling.
  • With the V-belt tensioning system, the V-belt tension can be adjusted with ease.
  • The compressor is driven by a petrol engine (rope and starter).
  • The compressor head and cylinders are made of gray cast EN GJL250 material, the crankshaft is cast from solid material EN-GJS 500-7.
  • Splash lubrication is carried out using a rod integrated into the design of the crankshaft.
  • There is a mini ball valve integrated into the block to provide for easy emptying of compressor oil.  A detachable blind plug has been fitted to the output of this valve against the risk of oil emptying.
  • Is air cooled: Cooling is provided through intercooler and aftercooler and the air flow created by the flyweel rotor.
  • With the monitoring glass integrated into the compressor head, the status of the oil can easily be monitored.
  • The air filter element has been placed in a plastic filtre casing to enable easy replacement.
  • The compressor has been designed as a chassis unit and separate air tank.
  • The safety of the belt-pulley system has been provided with a closed enclosure in accordance with CE norms. 
  • The air tanks to be used in the installation of the compressor system are designed by ourselves and produced in accordance with the 2009/105/EC directive. 
  • There are water drainage valves at the bottom of our tanks.
  • The monitoring of pressure is provided with the pressure gauge included in the compressor system.
  • With the pilot valve included in the compressor system, the idle-load starting of the compressor has been provided.
  • The one-way valve included in the compressor system prevents the system air from returning to the compressor.
  • With a safety valve included in the compressor, the system is protected against overpressure situations.