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Two Stage
Reciprocating Compressor

    • Model
    • Motorkw - hp
    • Max. Operating Pressurebar (g)
    • Tank Volumel
    • Capacity, FAD*l/min
    • Piston displacementl/min
    • Air Output
    • Lengthmm
    • Widthmm
    • Heightmm
    • Weightkg
*FAD: Free air delivery
*FAD performance ISO 1217, Rev. 3, measured according to Annex C-1996.
*Lupamat, according to technological developments reserves the right to make changes without notice in the data contained in this table.

For custom production, please contact us.

  • Single-stage types are designed according to 8 bar pressure, two-stage types are designed according to 15 bar pressure and high-pressure types are designed according to 25-30 bar pressure.
  • It is driven by V belt-pulley.
  • Preferable as a chassis unit without air tank
  • Preference to be able to start with mono-phase electric motors for the types with power up to 4kW Compressor is driven with F proof, IP55 protected, IE2 efficiency asynchronous electric motor.
  • Compressor block and cylinders are casted from grey iron EN GJL250 material and the crankshaft is casted from ductile iron EN-GJS 500-7 material.
  • Splashing lubrication is made with the help of a bar which is integrated into the design of the crankshaft.
  • There is a mini ball valve integrated to the body, enabling easy evacuation of compressor oil. Outlet of this valve is fitted with a removable blind plug against the risk of discharged oil.
  • It is air cooled: Cooling is ensured by the air flow generated by the flywheel fan through intercoolers and after-coolers.
  • Thanks to the sight glass integrated to the compressor head, condition of the oil can be easily traced.
  • Monitoring the pressure condition is maintained with a manometer.
  • Operation control (idle -loaded operation) is provided by the pressure switch. The system is provided with safeguards against excessive pressure with a safety valve set to +1 bar value of the compressor operating pressure.
  • Air filter element is introduced into a plastic filter cup allowing easy replacement.
  • Safety of the belt-pulley system is ensured with an enclosed housing in accordance with CE norms
  • The compressor is started directly with motor protection switch up to 4 kW motor power types, and with star-delta control panel up to 5.5kW motor power types and more.
  • Air in the system is prevented from returning again to the compressor with a one-way valve incorporated in the compressor system.
  • The compressor unit is mounted on the air tank.
  • The air tanks are designed and produced by us in accordance with the 2009/105/EC directive.
  • The air outlet on air tanks must be fitted with a ball valve. However, a mini ball valve is also used for the evacuation of condensation water under the tanks.
  • In case of sudden interruption and return of the power in the compressor, evacuation of air jammed between the check valve and compressor is performed manually with a mini ball valve mounted under the collector. Such evacuation is carried out automatically with a 2/2 Y solenoid valve attached to the collector for 7,5kw and more engine power types.