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High Pressure

High pressure air dryer

Compac-3 series compressed air dryers are produced for special production-usage areas requiring high pressure such as plastic bottle facilities, diesel motor starters, High voltage circuit breakers, test equipment, military units, marina and industrial applications, shipyards and Fire Department. They work with high efficiency with max. 45 bar compressed air.
The atmospheric air taken by the air compressor has varying moisture levels.
This moisture, when reaching a specific pressure and temperature value with the compressor, condenses with the effect of the pressure and cooling. Liquid water is created with each temperature and pressure change.
This liquid water can cause: failure of pneumatic system, corrosion in the pipes, loss of diameter and additional problems which trigger each other. This damage leading to loss of business, time and money, is prevented with the draining of liquid water by cooling (dew point +3 °C) the compressor air with cooling dryer.

Clear and dry compressed air will lower the operating costs of your facility and ensure its efficient operation.