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Lupamat, working in the compressed air industry for over 50 years and the pioneer of many innovations in the industry, started production in 1968. 


By expanding the product range in later years, production of screw compressors, oil free piston compressors, Booster compressors, Scroll compressors, gasoline powered compressors and finally high pressure 40 bar compressors has begun.

Having become part of the Dirinler family in 2000, has made great progress in quality thanks to cooperation with other companies within the group.

In our group, there is Dirinler Makina, established in 1952 for eccentric-hydraulic press production; Dirinler Sanayi Makinaları producing CNC lathes, CNC double machining centres and multi purpose and completely customer personalized CNC machines, and Dirinler Döküm, which carries out cast iron production 80% of which is aimed at export for the wind energy sector.

With work carried out with their expert and dynamic team, in addition to aiming for quality in production, the keeping of customer satisfaction at the highest levels for service, spare parts and delivery durations, suited to the leading compressor company in Turkey. Lupamat, with R&D center, which was established in July 2018, started domestic and overseas sales with a 40 bar oil free compressor developed for food facilities and plastic bottle inflation produced locally in Turkey.


A. Cemal Dirin

A. Cemal Dirin, was born in 1924 in Izmir Narlıdere. He took his first step in the profession by learning turnery. Having opened his first workshop in 1952, he has adopted quality as a principle ever since. 1952 was the year Dirinler was established in order to repair and maintain used presses in the country. Cemal Dirin, in addition to press repair and maintenance, started repairing automobile and truck spare parts. In those years, he came known by the name of  “Kovancı Cemal Dirin” . By starting eccentric press production in 1967, Dirin started to rise in his profession and in production.

In 1970, he established his first factory in a 750 m2 area in Çamdibi. The variety of presses which started as 20 tonne increased, and production of various presses up to a capacity of 150 tonne began. He established his own foundry in 1974, and aimed at capturing the highest production rate and quality possible.

Dirin moved the factory to a 10.000m2 area in A.O.S.B in 1990, and expanded the area to 60.000m2 with the excitement of continual investment. By purchasing the Lupamat Compressor factory in 2000, both the product portfolio was expanded, and another factory has entrusted to future generations. Cemal Dirin, continued the Mechanical and Hydraulic Press, CNC Machine, Drill Press, Piston and Screw Air Compressor and 15 ton capacity Single Piece Cast and nodular cast iron production work at the 4 factories in this area, ever increasing the success of their work.

After Cemal Dirin’s death in 2011, Dirin’s sons took over the Dirinler group of companies.
A total of 7 companies established on an area of 90.000m2 by Cemal Dirin offer employment to approximately 600 families, benefits the country economy with the contribution to the industry of the country and with overseas sales to 55 countries.
Dirin, with undeniable services to the development of İAOSB, has carried out the presidency of the region between 1995-1997.
Along with helping many industrialists during the presidency, over 10.000 trees were also planted to afforest the area. Has also been a major share holder in the establishment of the Ataer Power Plant.
The name of “Cemal Dirin” has continued on at the various institutions he served throughout his life. “Cemal Dirin” became the name of the Polyclinic Emergency Door at the Izmir Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB) in 2002. The “A. Cemal Dirin Emergency Health Unit” has been serving İAOSB employees for 10 years.
The name of Cemal Dirin, who served as member of the board of directors and deputy chairman of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry for many years, lives on with the library opened on the 3rd floor of EBSO.  Dirin, whose name was given to the library opened on the 5th anniversary of his death, will be noted for the value he placed on culture and arts.


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