We Are A Large 
With the determination that we obtain from our roots, our greatest aim is to spread the energy from our country all over the world. Our company, which has never neglected the contributions of local production to our country, will keep page with the world’s globalized conditions, and will not give up on domestic production despite all difficulties.
A lot has changed
in 47 years!
TRT Ankara TV began test broadcasts in Turkey.
The first mouse was produced in the world.
The first kidney transplant in Turkey was carried out in Istanbul.
The first video game console was produced in the world.
Lupamat compressor production began.

What happened in 1968?

Innovation +Initiative = Growth
In Our Soul
1 Status

What Turkey needs is
high value-added

If we can produce and export
a 40 Bar Compressor
in our own country
1 compressor
It may be possible to reverse things.
So we set to work
2 Movements
Also, in case it is requested, we added
All mold, casting and machining operations of basic components were carried out
by Dirinler Group.
We are Doing The Work We Know Best.
We Are Producing Compressors.
Lupamat has been the leader settings the standards in the industry since 1968.
For detailed information about our production standards you can see our Compressor Production Manifesto, to find the compressor suited to your needs you can see our Product Catalog, to obtain our products you can contact our Sales Offices and Agents, for after sales technical support you can contact our Services, and for our international quality certifications, you can review our certificates.
Compressor Production
Find The Compressor
For Your Needs
Let’s determine the most suitable compressor from 3 different groups, 18 different compressor types, a total of 634 compressors, with our experienced technical team.
Do Not Worry
While Purchasing
Let our expert sales team find you the fastest, most economical and efficient solution. Let us plan your payments to bring the lowest pressure to you and your company.
In addition to our regional directorates in Istanbul and Gaziantep, you can find our products first hand at our dealers all over Turkey.
Do Not Have After
Sales Service and
Spare Parts Problems
One of Lupamat’s greatest sources of pride is being able to produce compressors that can work for over 40 years. Do not search for someone to deal with the periodic maintenance and spare parts needs of your product.
Lupamat is by your side, with 51 service points in 37 provinces, with the Service Centre in Izmir.
Experience The Assurance Of
Quality Standards
Lupamat holds internationally valid CE, Gost-R and ISO 9001 certifications. Lupamat accepts the highest industrial standards as a measure.
"Actions speak louder than words..."
Ziya Paşa

"We would like to welcome you to our production facilities."
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