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R&D Stages

Our professional engineers and technicians from R&D department use PRO/ENGİNEER or INVENTOR programs to draw 3 dimension models and technical drawings of each part. The modeled parts are subjected to static, dynamic, thermal and vibration analyzes separately using ANSYS finite element modeling program to optimize the products to provide the best service to our customers.

Products, which design have been inspected by different methods, are manufactured with precision and then tested with advanced control devices. Critical thermal, vibration, noise, flow and power values are measured and recorded by using analog test device specially designed for Lupamat compressors. Each compressor is tested under the hardest conditions for at least 4 hours, ensuring that our products are sent to our customers without issues.

Designs of pressure vessels are performed using professional OHMTECH program to ensure that they will comply with EN 13445 and EN 286 standards. Each pressure vessel is subjected to hydrostatic test under 1.5 times higher than the working pressure in order to exclude safety risks.

Our R&D department continuously works on design of different new products, makes improvements and energy saving technological innovations.